External Wall Insulation (EWI)


Insulating solid walls with External Wall Insulation (EWI) can help reduce some of the heat loss that occurs from this area of a property.

EWI is a fantastic system that can insulate newer and older properties including those that don't have post-1930s cavity walls. 

External wall insulation has a greater impact on the energy efficiency of a property than brand new A-rated double glazing or a new condensing gas boiler.

External wall insulation systems also provide a significate upgrade to the appearance of your property. We offer a huge range of different finishes, including different render granularity, almost limitless colours, brick slips and even pebble dash systems.

Why install external wall insulation?

Insulating your home could cut your heating costs considerably. Solid walls are notorious for letting through twice as much heat as cavity walls.

What are the benefits of having external wall insulation installed?
There are so many reasons why insulating your solid walls is a great energy saving measure.

  • External wall insulation is one of the most effective ways of eliminating damp and mold

  • It can reduce condensation significantly

  • External wall insulation can be applied without disruption to the household

  • Insulating your solid walls from outside does not reduce the floor area of your home

  • External wall insulation gives a beautiful new look to your home

  • By insulating your walls from outside, you will improve the weather proofing and the sound resistance of your home

  • Installing external wall insulation fills cracks and gaps in the brickwork which reduces draughts

  • Insulating your walls from outside increases the life of your walls by protecting the brickwork

  • Your home will have a fresh new look.

What should I consider when installing external wall insulation?

  • You may need planning permission - You should be aware that installing external wall insulation will change the appearance of your property significantly, you should check with your local council first to see if you require permission.

  • The process requires good access to the outer walls - If for some reason the access to the walls is restricted, you may have to consult a professional to discuss if the property can be properly insulated from the outside.

  • Problematic walls - Installing external wall insulation is not recommended if the outer walls are problematic and cannot be repaired.

  • Conservation areas - If you live in a conservation area, you will need to check with your local council first before changing the appearance of your home.

How much can I save?
If you live in a detached house you could be saving as much as £455 a year.

How much CO2 will I save?
Insulating your home with external wall insulation could save up to 1,900kg of carbon dioxide a year.

How much does it cost?
The cost of installing external wall insulation can vary greatly depending on the condition of your home and factors such as the type of insulation system installed and the size of your property. Book an appointment with one of our advisors for a no obligation advice about external wall insulation.